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Make your yard stand out and reclaim your summer by entrusting YYC Flourish with your regular lawn care needs. Let our professionals handle the work while you enjoy more free time.

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At YYC Flourish, our insured professionals are committed to providing exceptional service, showcasing their expertise in meeting our stringent quality standards. We guarantee timely and high-quality work, ensuring your satisfaction, or you won’t have to pay!

YYC Flourish has built a trusted reputation as a reliable brand. With over five years of experience, we have served over 500 homes in Calgary. Don’t hesitate to check out our customer reviews to hear about our customers’ firsthand experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s included in the Weekly/Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing Plan?

Lawn mowing runs from the start of May to the end of October and includes a lawn maintenance visit every 1-2 weeks.

  • Mowing – We use a professional lawn mower to perform grass cutting on all the turf areas to a standard cutting height of 5 cm.
  • Trimming – We use a string trimmer to perform trimming along all the obstacles such as trees, gardens, fences, driveways, sidewalks, etc.
  • Cleanup of Clippings – The clippings will either be bagged or mulched, and any left on the hardscapes will be blown off.
Are you locked into a monthly contract?

100% Contract Free – If you wish to cancel your services at please just send us an email (48hrs notice is required)

What are some additional addons?

Fertilizer Application – Recommended to be applied monthly 

Grass Seed Application – An overseeding application to help keep the grass thick and green! Recommended to be applied during a spring cleanup! 

Weed Control – A weed control herbicide application to prevent or destroy weeds on your lawn. Recommended to be applied late spring.

Manual Weeding – Your YYC Flourish Pro will remove any additional debris or weeds from your flowerbeds/rock beds by hand upon your request.

What if my grass is overgrown?

If your grass is over 10 cm at the beginning of your service, a one-time surcharge will be applied.

This additional fee is invoiced at twice the standard rate for a regular lawn mowing visit.

How does the scheduling work?

We use recurring schedules for weekly and biweekly lawn mowing services, and we try to keep the service the same day every week. Should we be unable to provide the service on the scheduled day, due to weather, we will reschedule accordingly.

What if I have pets?

Pets should be kept secure, away from the working area, during the lawn mowing service. We do not pick pet waste, it is for the property owners to make sure the waste has been picked up before our crews arrive.

Can I water my lawn before a visit?

We advise our clients not to water the lawn before our crews arrive to provide the lawn mow and trim service. 

What if there's stuff on my lawn (toys, furniture, etc.)?

Please make sure to clear the lawn for debris, patio furniture, toys, tools, and other objects, before our crew arrives to provide the lawn mowing service. Our crews are not allowed to touch or move any client property present on the grass at the time of the service.

What if my back gate is locked?

Property owners are not required to be present during the service, as long as our crews have access to the area where they mow and trim.

Front and back yard should be easily accessible, with enough clearance to move the equipment. 

If the back gate is locked, the client has the option to either pay an additional drive time fee for a return visit to the property or skip service in the locked areas of their property.

Will I be notified before a visit?

We send email reminders the day before our visit.

Alternatively you can view all your upcoming visits in the client hub here.

(Please refrain from watering the lawn, ensure the gate is unlocked, and clear pet waste or obstructions on the lawn before we come)

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