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Experience time-saving convenience with YYC Flourish’s residential snow removal services. Choose from our reliable monthly snow removal subscriptions or flexible on-call options, ensuring hassle-free solutions for your winter needs.

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Pricing for Snow Removal

Front Sidewalk Only

Starting at $189/month

Front Sidewalk with 2 Car Driveway

Starting at $239/month

Corner Sidewalk with 2 Car Driveway

Starting at $289/month


10% OFF!

available until October 1st*

At YYC Flourish, our insured professionals are committed to providing exceptional service, showcasing their expertise in meeting our stringent quality standards. We guarantee timely and high-quality work, ensuring your satisfaction, or you won’t have to pay!

YYC Flourish has built a trusted reputation as a reliable brand. With over five years of experience, we have served over 500 homes in Calgary. Don’t hesitate to check out our customer reviews to hear about our customers’ firsthand experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s included in monthly snow removal?

For the sidewalks:

  • Monthly snow removal at no additional cost.
  • Unlimited visits following every snowfall over 1 cm.
  • Guaranteed snow removal within 24 hours of snowfall ending.
  • Snow will be cleared once every 24 hours for continuous snowfalls.
  • Unlimited ice melt to be used as required at no additional cost.
  • The service areas include the public sidewalk and any walkways surrounding the building.

For the parking lot (if applicable):

  • Services also include plowing of the parking lot on a 5 cm trigger.
  • Snow will be stacked on site where convenient unless otherwise indicated.
  • In the case of a thaw-freeze event we will provide sanding to the parking lot.
  • Any request for snow hauling off of site is subject to additional costs.
What if I have additional areas that need to be shoveled?

Backyard/Other Areas: We are able to clear any area of your property. Please let us know when you fill out your online quote form! Additional charges will apply.

Do you provide ice-melt?

Yes! We provide unlimited free ice-melt (up to our discretion or upon your request).

Am I locked into a contract?

Payment for the snow season: At YYC Flourish payment is collected upfront at the start of each month for the winter season.

Our services are contract-free: When you enroll in monthly snow removal, you are only committed to the month you paid for —refunds are not available.

Cancelling is hassle-free: We simply request a 48-hour notice before the next billing date to remove you from our schedule.

What if there's already snow on my property?

At the start of your services, any snow or ice buildup on your property will require an additional one-time fee for an initial next day clearing.

In most cases it will be a $50 next day service fee.

In the case of significant build up this fee may vary.

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